Positively Transforming Experience

Benefit from a whole-person approach to your life, health and well being.
And thrive.



Restore the balance for healing & renewal in body, mind & soul. Sessions are individually tailored to your aims for health & well being. Gentle & safe for all ages from babies to adults.



Refocus goals for your work & career. Discover the joy of sharing your unique talents, passion & skills. Remove the blocks & limitations that get in the way of success & right livelihood.



Family, friends, community. Explore your relationships. Through gaining clarity and perspective, step into your authentic Self to bring your relationships with others & yourself into better balance.

Purpose & Direction

Purpose & Direction

Feeling stuck, blocked or unsure about your way forward? Find clarity on decisions & a way around the obstacles you perceive. Get back on track. Move into fulfilment & flow in your life.

'Kinesiology is a powerful therapy. But with Liz, the healing experience is unique. There is relief, renewal, optimism and balance.'


The Upward Spiral

horizonsSpirals of Life is all about helping you realize your real potential for creating health, happiness and fulfilment in your life. If you are experiencing symptoms of stress or illness, it suggests that things are out of kilter at some level. My holistic approach offers an opportunity to positively respond to the root causes of your symptoms, restoring harmony to the source of 'dis-ease'. My experience is that when problems in health or well being are addressed at this level, regardless of how entrenched or chronic the imbalance may have become, it opens the potential for unimaginable transformation to take place...

I tailor every session and integrate whatever therapeutic resources best suit YOU. This may include working with both body and mind-based therapies to aid healing and recovery from symptoms, illness or trauma. Or focussing on on the positive changes you want to create in your life as a whole - relationships, health, personal development, self-esteem, career or sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Sessions can combine kinesiology, hypnotherapy, regression therapy, energy medicine, mindfulness, therapeutic coaching, emotional stress release, nutritional testing and much more besides.

Here are just some of the issues I have helped clients with:

  • Recovery from symptoms and illness
  • Improving health and well being
  • Increasing energy, vitality and motivation
  • Balancing emotional stress
  • Releasing stress and tension
  • Gaining perspective and insight into symptoms
  • Addressing specific health issues
  • Healthy nutrition and managing sensitivities
  • Pre-conceptual care and fertility
  • Children's health and well being


Want to make 2017 a year of new beginnings?

Try a taster - Saturday 1 April 2017, Pure Moves, Frome

About Spirals of Life

Founder, therapist, coach and musician, Liz brings her skills and many years experience in the holistic field to help you reconnect with the extra-ordinariness of your life as a whole.

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Musicians' health and well being. Overcoming stage fright. An holistic approach to the performing arts.
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Spring into Health - Kinesiology Tasters
Saturday 1 April 2017
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'Liz has a beautiful, peaceful and reassuring energy which is essential to find healing. She is wonderfully intuitive and talented in many different ways that she is able to bring together to suit whatever ails, whether it seems predominantly physical, mental or emotionally based. I can recommend her without hesitation and am very grateful for all the healing we have done together.' FM


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