Future Life Progression

Supposing you could see the where the current course of your life is really taking you?

Golden road

Can you imagine where you'll be in 5, 10 or 20 years time if:

Which option would you choose?

Travelling the Timeline

Just as in hypnotherapy, where a relaxed inward focus typically enables us to revisit memories and resolve past experiences so that they no longer negatively influence the present, FLP allows the mind to move forward in time to explore the hidden possibilities and potential for your life and the dreams you want to realize.

Clients often bring questions regarding career moves, relationships, business strategies or creative projects. e.g. How can I best develop my skills and talents so that...? Where shall I live? I'd like to explore my relationship with... What steps might I take to progress in my project / job / craft?

How does it work?

If you think of your mind as the most advanced bio-computer there is, it is a straightforward computation for it to tell you how your life may pan out in 'x' number of years, given your current situation, attitude and behaviour. This information, in itself, may or may not turn out be something of a surprise to you...

Yet the future is not fixed, but created and, given half the chance, your wonderful, insightful mind will usually give you an indication of the possibilities for change which will set you on a better track for creating the life you desire, for the best version of yourself, which you may become. There will always be a number of 'alternative futures' to be explored. This is the stuff of pure potential!

See. Change. Create. On purpose.

FLP sessions are 2 hrs in length and are specifically geared to helping you scout ahead to get the insight and answers to the question you bring to the table. It is easier if you have already experienced some hypnotherapy, or are used to meditation or relaxation techniques, but is not strictly necessary.

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Fast forwards

FLP is a truly enriching process which can deepen and confirm the sense of your life's direction and purpose. The habitual 'shoulds', 'musts' and 'ought to' are replaced with an inner knowingness, often accompanied by a feeling of inspiration and motivation that usually signals you are in alignment with the higher potential of your life. The right decisions and actions simply follow as a natural consequence. Funnily enough, you might find that you get to where you going much faster too!

'The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.'
Chinese proverb

About Spirals of Life

Founder, therapeutic coach and musician, Liz Kozlowski brings her extensive experience in the field of well being and rapid transformation to help you realize your extra-ordinary potential for health, peace of mind, creativity and fulfilment.

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'I got so much more than I expected from my sessions. Not only did Liz help me tackle my main priorities, but she also gave me a renewed feeling of balance and control over my life. Even now, some months after my last session with Liz, I feel the benefit of her listening ear and healing approach, with the simple reminders that she built into my everyday life.' KS


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